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A regional leader in subrogation litigation across California, Mendelson, Goldman & Schwarz has the skills and knowledge you need to get the job done right. Our attorneys are your advocates, leveraging significant expertise to build a track record of success. Key areas of competency include:


Our extensive experience managing a high volume of auto subrogation claims positions us to understand and anticipate any related challenges. We handle claims effectively – and quickly – offering you critical peace of mind that Mendelson, Goldman & Schwarz will deliver.


Through our property subrogation practice, we empower clients to recover property losses of all types from the small to the complex. At Mendelson, Goldman & Schwarz, we are experienced so that we can step in early to protect the carrier and their insured in order to maximize results.

Worker’s Compensation

Litigation and oversight of worker’s compensation subrogation is one of our specialties at Mendelson, Goldman & Schwarz. Whether the claims involve product failures, workplace accidents or other allegations of negligence, our experts are your partners in getting meaningful results.

Health Care

A central part of our practice at Mendelson, Goldman & Schwarz is identifying and pursuing recovery opportunities related to complex healthcare claims. Whether third party liability is a result of drugs, medical devices or other causes, we act fast to achieve the resolution you need.

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