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Creditors’ Rights

Creditors’ Rights


Although Creditors Right’s is a rather omnibus term, it generally involves our representation of people or companies who are owed money. The creation of an obligation to pay money can arise in connection with the breach of a contract, in either a commercial or retail environment, or perhaps arising out of a business or consumer transaction which may go awry for one reason or another so that the parties to that transaction need the intervention by a lawyer in order to assist in the pursuit of rights that arise. Our involvement may include the intervention of our experienced legal staff into the dispute in the hopes of bringing about a swift and economic resolution as a result of our professional and experienced approach.


On the other hand, it may involve the necessity of the commencement of legal action to enforce the creditor’s legal rights against his debtor and/or the other parties to the failed transactions. This may also include representing creditors interests in bankruptcy proceedings, in connection with the pursuit of non-dischargeable debts, filing of proofs of claim, the representation of creditors on formal and/or informal creditor’s committees, or the defense of bankruptcy disgorgement proceedings. It also includes the pursuit and recovery and all related post judgment enforcement proceedings.


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